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Malnutrition is a silent killer! The fight against malnutrition starts with exposing nutrition status of every child. Regular monitoring exposes growth declining and growth...    View more


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Applied Demography

Demography is the science of populations. Applied Demography is the subfield of demography that focuses on practical applications for decision-making purposes. Riddhi’s...    View more

Planning and Monitoring

Riddhi is working with many organizations on evaluation, planning and real-time monitoring of various social sector programmes. A MIS-GIS framework developed by Riddhi has...    View more


Planning and monitoring solution using cutting-edge technology


If you are looking for an authentic, professional service which will help you to conceive, develop, implement and monitor an ICT based planning and monitoring solution in social and development sector, then your search ends here!

Riddhi offers one-stop single-window solution (from concepts to commissioning) with state-of-the art hardware, networking and software support under one roof for any ICT need of the Government and Industry in the field of every conceivable application area - Education, Nutrition, Public health, Public works, Local government, Urban development, Roads, e-Governance, GIS, Energy and environment, Transportation, Survey and Mapping and so on.

We know it is a challenge to find the right partner who understands your business. In Riddhi, we listen to you, we learn from you, we observe and we continuously strive to understand your business and your needs to be able to translate those requirements into an robust, scalable and cost effective IT based solution.

Riddhi is today recognised as a vanguard in application of information technology in the social sector.

The applications developed by Riddhi embrace sophisticated state of art technology with built-in analytical tools that aid the users to access layers of information down to the micro level providing deep insights into the planning and monitoring process.

We have had the privilege of working with some of the world’s most reputed organizations like World Bank, WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA, UNDP, GTZ, John Hopkins University and many others.

And all these benefits come to you at a most competitive price, the benefits and the values we bring to you exceeding many times the cost you need to bear. This is due to our technology backed business model, which allows us to keep our costs low while providing world class service and our continuous innovation in technology and application.

Feel free to get in touch with one of our customer care professionals via email ( or give us a call today at +91-033-2334 8116.

Software Development
- Analysis of the Project Scope
- Software Requirement Study (SRS)
- Software Design
- Software Development
- Testing and Quality Control
- Deployment, implementation and hand holding
- Support and Maintenance
Applied Demography
- We help you to discover rare value orientation and empirical characteristics for decision-making
- Represents and explains demographic changes and their impact
- Practical application of demographic methods and materials for decision-making purposes
- Demographic analysis
- Interpretation and communication of demographic trends
- Provide GIS based tools , which help you in strategic planning
- Development and evaluation of estimates and projections of future trends
Capacity Building & Training
- Need assessment
- Identification of target group
- Developing training modules (in line with target group’s capability)
- Imparting training followed by individual hands-on session
- Follow-up
Data Analysis
- Need assessment
- Selection of indicators for thematic and trend analysis
- Dashboard on-the-fly
- 'As-Is' and 'To-Be' scenario building and gap analysis
DGPS & Topographic Survey
- All kinds of physical survey with In-house team and equipment
- Large land records data survey
- Real time monitoring of survey progress
- Conversion of survey data into GIS compatible database
- Real time monitoring of planning process
- Monitoring of individual planned activity implementation
- Outcome monitoring
Project Management
- Client and Case Management
- New Technology, Upgrades, and Data Conversion
- Design, Installation, Implementation and Startup
- Data Mining, Analysis, and Reporting
- Regulatory Submissions and Reports
- Training and helpdesk
Handheld device solution
- Real time capturing of events through Android and Windows handheld and mobile phone
- GIS plug-in
- Offline-online combination
- Supports different methods of data collection (Form, Voice, IVRS)
Server Management
- Single-window solution for server management (including database and application server)
- Domain name hosting
- Web Publishing: HTML pages
- Firewall security
- High speed bandwidth
- Server side scripting (Java Servlets , JSP, ASP, PHP)
- Web Server: Apache, Tomcat, IIS
- Round the clock Technical support
- 99.99% uptime
Social and Development Sector
- Domain knowledge on almost all Social and Development sector’s programmes
- Real time programme monitoring
- Evidence based planning for MDG targets
Web based MIS-GIS
- Tool for planning, monitoring and advocacy
- Easy to use with minimal training
- Fast viewing of large attribute dataset
- Easy integration of external data
- Customizable, scalable, modular and flexible solutions
Technical Support
Behavior Change Communication (BCC)
- Monitoring of ante-natal and post-natal care services to mother-child dyad along with care services to new born till 42 days
- BCC for 1000 days SUN (Scaling Up Nutrition) Programme
Geo-tagged real time field data collection and data repository
- Real time capturing of events through Android and Windows handheld
- GIS plug-in
- Off-line-online combination
- Support different methods of data collection (Form based, Voice based, IVRS based)
Mother Child Health and Nutrition (MCHN) monitoring
- Real time tracking of pregnant women and children under 5 years
- Ensuring timely delivery of due services to reduce morbidity and mortality by exposing malnutrition (on three anthropometric nutritional indicators, viz. underweight, wasting and stunting)
- Ensuring preventive measures
Planning and Monitoring Solution
- A basic understanding of the purposes, processes, norms, standards and guiding principles for planning, monitoring and evaluation within the development context
- Knowledge of the essential elements of the planning and monitoring processes in various sectors
- Developing a robust results framework for projects and programmes, with clear indicators, baselines, targets and setting up an effective monitoring system in place
Right-To-Education (RTE) Implementation
- Real time data collection from schools (through IVRS)
- Evidence based planning for implementing RTE
- Identifying school level bottlenecks and taking corrective action
- Identification of suitable locations for new educational institutions through GIS
WASH programme monitoring and implementation
- Monitoring and analysis of various performance parameters related to WASH through online GIS
- Real Time monitoring of construction and usage of household toilets
Product: RBSK Comprehensive Newborn Screening Software: JatakSeva



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