Riddhi is working with many organizations on evaluation, planning and real-time monitoring of various social sector programmes.

A MIS-GIS framework developed by Riddhi has the potential to offer result oriented score sheets of various development efforts. Furthermore, Riddhi builds capacity of the field staff in tracking (taking geo-tagged and time-stamped photographs) of activities via a mobile phone pre-loaded with an easy-to-use project monitoring software.

The solution promotes transparency and inclusiveness. The users are able to rank the performing/non-performing units using the web based tool, with the aid of a Geographic Information System (GIS); it is also possible to see whether said activities (for example, construction of buildings, schools and toilets etc.) are indeed being carried out in specified location. The web based solution facilitates the functionaries to keep vigil on the set norms for certain indicators and thereby ensuring quality of programme implementation.

Project at a glance